Meet The Robot That Can Play Violin Better Than Most People

Meet Ro-Bow a magnificent robot, made by the hands of 75 year old Seth Goldstein, a retired bio medical engineer. Ro-Bow plays the violin by converting notes, played on a MIDI keyboard, almost like a virtual instrument.

When Mr. Goldstein was only 8 years old he drove by M.I.T., and his mom said “That’s the best engineering school in the country.” He than said “I want to go there.” After eight years attending M.I.T., Mr. Goldstein went to the private industry for six years. Which he than went on to the National Institutes of Health, where he found Biomedical Engineering. A while after, engineer Ms. Stone suggested that Mr. Goldstein could build a machine that could tie a necktie.

That was when Mr. Goldstein created the “Why Knot?” a very clever name for yet another awesome robot. Powered by 10 electric motors, the “Why Knot?” features 10 mechanisms, which when all combined forms a four-in-hand-knot on a necktie. But don’t think “Why Know?” will be your personal stylist. Because the mechanism only works with his, and only his necktie. It even had an exhibition of his own at the Franklin Institute, a science museum located in Philly. Below is the incredible video performance of Ro-Bow and the “Why Knot?” tying his own necktie.

Source: New York Times



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