Mike’s Hot Honey

This Brooklyn Resident Might Have Just Created The New Sriracha

Michael Kurtz
Mike’s Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey, which might not only be the new Sriracha, but also the world’s most versatile condiment. According to their website the “sweet and spicy Hot Honey is a delicious pairing with a wide variety of foods including pizza, chicken, ribs, biscuits, salads, fruits, cheeses and even ice cream.” Their wildflower honey is harvested from New York and New Jersey to support local beekeepers.

Michael Kurtz the creator of this awesome sauce, discovered it’s flavor, when he traveled to Brazil in 2003. When 2004 came along Mike was already experimenting with honey infusions, and it was a big hit. He named it Mike’s Hot Honey. After sharing batches of this delightful creation with friends and family, 2010 came along. That summer Mike struck up a conversation with Brooklyn pizzeria owner, Paulie Gee’s. Which Mike make than learned the art of making pizza and learned that people truly enjoyed his Chili Pepper-Infused Honey. Now Brooklyn based retailers, and restaurants, are stocking their shelves, for what they may soon be called, Chili Pepper-Infused Honey aficionados.



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