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10 Delicious NYC Comfort Food Spots For Winter

These ten comfort food spots will warm you up, and give you that cozy feeling on a winter’s day. Now that the blizzard is (hopefully) coming down. I think we can enjoy музеи Петербурга some soul food and other delicious goodness NYC has to offer.


166 S 4th St

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Their fried chicken is freaking amazing. The addition of their pies just makes the whole experience much better

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Jacob’s Pickles

509 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10024


Gravy coated chicken and incredible sandwiches. 

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Queens Comfort

4009 30th Ave

Astoria, NY 11103


Disco tater tots and the peanut butter and jelly burger.

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Jimmy’s Diner

577 Union Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Their eggs and cheese grits are a great combo.

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Heidi’s House

308 E 78th St

New York, NY 10075


Bravo to the person that created their Mac & Cheese with Chorizo.

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Melt Shop

601 Lexington Ave

New York, NY 10022


Crunchy sandwich melts, and  great tomato soup.

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Root & Bone

200 E 3rd St

New York, NY 10009


Moist, crispy, and salty fried chicken.

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Earl’s Beer & Cheese

1259 Park Ave

New York, NY 10029


NY Cheddar with pork belly and their bread pudding.

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102 East 7th St

New York, NY 10009


Three words pretzel fried chicken.

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235 East 4th Street

New York, NY 10009


Let’s just say Bacon Brownies are a dessert.

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