Air 2015

The World’s First 3D Drone Show

This fall, drones are making a big impact, in the entertainment world, with the world’s first 3D drone show. The show is called AIR, and it will premiere at the beautiful Amsterdam Arena. According to their video, the show will feature projections, special effects, racing, and illusions all with the power of drones. It’s an incredible modern art form with the help of technology and a team of drone enthusiasts. You can watch the world premiere of AIR on their website or you can watch the youtube video above.

You can see in this fantastic video production, how amazing drone effects can be, and how far you can push them with a little creativity. It’s about time, that the drone industry, does some entertainment shows with drones. The next step will probably be drone advertising, which is already being done by a company in Brazil, who flew drone mannequins with suits to office skyscrapers, to get the attention of business man. I’m thinking will be seeing more of it, once it becomes more regulated. What you think will be next? Maybe Amazon Air will actually happen. How great that would be.



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