Boosted Electric Boards Beach

Electric Skateboards Of The Future Are Here

The days of pushing your longboard or skateboard with your foot might be over. A few start up companies are changing the way, day to day commuters are traveling to work, and making them look good while doing it too. The options of commuters is usually limited t0 fixed gear bikes, public transportation (which most of us hate), and dare I say car pooling. But now you can choose to fork up a couple hundred of dollars and get an electric skateboard.

Boosted Electric Board Charging

Boosted Boards a company based in Palo Alto, California who raised $467,160 of their $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, has boards that can go up to 22mph for 7 miles on a single charge. Which takes about 90 minutes and lasts you 1 hour. Their awesome boards are controlled by a bluetooth remote with a thumbwheel control (pictured below) and feature regenerative breaking. Their boards range from $999 to $1499 and are super light. The Boosted Single model weighs just 13.5, which is incredible considering it’s an electric vehicle.

Boosted Board Electric Remote

Marbel another electric skateboard company also funded with Kickstarted, will soon release their electric skateboard. Which weighs just 9.9 pounds and has enough power to go 25mph at 12 miles per charge. If you do purchase one of these awesome boards be sure to read their safety manuals and/or instructions.



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