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This Might Be The World’s First Unstealable Bike

Every second a bike gets stolen. But what could be, the world’s first unstealable bike, might put an end to that. The Yerka Project started in August 2014, formed by three engineering students from Chile, who have been victims of bike theft, has many of us also have, decided to create a bike, that the only way to steal it, would be to break the bike itself. What seems like an ordinary bike to the naked eye, and bike thiefs, it’s definitely something else.

Yerka Project

You see because of the bike’s construction, the bike’s lock is the frame, and if your going to break the lock, your gonna end up breaking the frame too. The process of locking and unlocking the bike, only takes 20 seconds. Which is freaking genius if you ask me. Aside from the bike being safe it’s also very comfortable. But one big perk to all of this, is that you don’t have to carry around extra weight because of that lock you always carry in your backpack. While there’s still no launch date, the first units of Yerka will be sold at a special early bird price of US $399. You can watch the video below, that got these students so much attention, for a preview of their awesome bike.



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2 thoughts on “This Might Be The World’s First Unstealable Bike

    1. They might even try to sell the broken frame. It’s a very big issue, that’s really go to stop. But has long has the sellers keep buying them, unfortunately it’s gonna continue.

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