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The 6 Best Classic Barber Shops In NYC

In today’s society’s many traditional old Barber Shops are fading away. What were once a man’s lounge filled with smoky cigars and cocktail drinks their disappearing. But these NYC Barber Shops, will make you feel right at home, with their look, feel, and free cocktail drinks, while you wait.

Blind Barber

339 E. 10th Street

New York, NY 10009


Haircut: $40 Trim: $20, Free Complimentary Beverage With Every Service. Their grooming products are pretty great.

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Fellow Barber

101 N 8th St

Brooklyn, NY 11249


Haircut: $45 Buzz: $20, They Give You Free Beer. 

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Tomcats Barbershop

135 India Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222


Haircut: $30

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Freemans Sporting Club Barber

8 Rivington Street

New York, NY 10002


Haircut: $42 Buzz: $21

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Astor Place Barber

2 Astor Place

Manhattan, NY 10003

Haircut: $16


From celebrities to musicians, this barber shop is a New York Legend.

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Levels Barbershop

915 Fulton Street

Brooklyn, NY 11238


Haircut: $16

These guys are awesome you might of also seen them in this hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment.



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