Mmuseum Exterior

The Smallest Museum In NYC

Hidden in an off path, alley way in Tribeca, taking an abandoned freight elevator space, stands New York City’s smallest modern natural history museum. Mmuseumm is a non-profit organization, sponsored by Fractures Atlas, The Spade Family, Red Bucket Films, and NoFavorite made possible by джип туры по Кавказу the donation of its curious visitors. Their distinctive exhibitions, range from everyday objects, to contemporary artifacts from around the world.

Some of Mmuseumm’s artifacts from the Permanent Collection, whose local artists contribute to, include a bright orange package of melted gummy bears along with its price tag, a home made antenna, and an air conditioning filter, from filmmaker Van Neistat, who was part of the HBO series The Neistat Brothers.

Mmuseum Interior

So whether you’re new to the city, or a New Yorker taking your daily stroll through Tribeca, don’t forget to stop by, this little fun sized piece, of modern natural history. According to their website, Mmuseumm’s regular public visiting hours are suspended for the Winter months, and will resume in Spring 2015 with the opening of Season 4. But get this, you can see Season 3’s exhibition, which is available 24/7, from the outside through the museum’s windows, and by calling into the audio guide from your mobile phone. Mmuseumm will also be building Mmuseumm 2 which will be next door and will feature an exhibition called Sara Berman’s Closet.

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