Quality Guarantee

Quality and Traceability

Andromeda Group integrates different companies that comprise the entire aquaculture cycle: reproduction and breeding, fry transport, pre-growing, processing, packaging and commercialization, etc.

Its traceability starts with the reproducers and extends throughout the process to the final customer, including even the feed used in each stage of the process and packaging materials:

  • reproducers and eggs
  • fry
  • fish during growing
  • the final product
  • the used feed
  • materials used through the entire process

A unique serial number and a special assigned codification during the packaging process – and reflected in the bar code – offer total traceability, from the raw material to the delivery of the final product.

Quality and sanitary controls extended throughout the whole cycle to ensure the fish well-being and a perfect sanitary condition that result in an optimal development and in obtaining a high-quality product, nutritious, healthy and with total sanitary guarantee.

Frescamar Alimentación exhaustively analyzes its suppliers demanding strict compliance with hygienic and safety regulations along with other quality requirements and technical specifications, so that the final product fully meets its customers’ expectations.

These efforts have meant the achievement of internationally recognized certifications in terms of quality and food safety, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GLOBAL G.A.P., IFS and BRC. These last two have recently been achieved with very high scores.

The company is currently working on the implementation of the IFS and BRC standards, the most valued among food industry.


Sustainability and Environment

Frescamar’s compromise with society goes much deeper than its products quality and security. The company has committed to sustainable aquaculture from its very beginning.

With the aim to minimize the environmental impact of its activity, its farms have implemented sustainable practices from many years ago, by which the company optimizes the use of natural resources and minimizes environmental impact.

Frescamar develops an activity not only compatible with the environment but totally integrated in it. An effort that is proven by the implementation of international environmental management standards such as ISO 14001 certification and has also led to the certification “Friend of the Sea”.

This commitment to marine habitat preservation materializes in the fulfillment of the following criteria of sustainable aquaculture:

– No impact on habitats or protected ecosystems
– Fully meet wastewater parameters
– Reduce leaks and by-catches to insignificant levels
– Do not use harmful antifouling products
– Use only feed free from OGM
– Do not use growth hormones or antibiotics indiscriminately

Additionally, the main foundations of its environmental policy are:

  • The identification, evaluation and control of all risks that may affect the environment through environmental assessment studies and the development of monitoring programs that continuously observe the activity and its incidence on the receiving environment
  • Management of all waste generated, always seeking recycling or revaluation
  • The commitment required to suppliers regarding compliance with sustainability criteria in the usage and exploitation of raw materials
  • The incorporation of the best available techniques for the optimization of resources and minimization of possible sources of contamination
    Andromeda Group – which integrates Frescamar – extremesits day-to-day requirements in this area.
    It has also collaborated in the development of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for Mediterranean species, becoming the first Spanish meagre producer to implement the most internationally acknowledged standard on environment preservation, promoted by the World Wildlife Fund ( WWF).

Frescamar Bio

Frescamar’s commitment with sustainability has been implemented with the development of a specific organic fish product line embracing from fries to the final product: “Frescamar Bio”.

It is important to mention that Andromeda Group is the only producer in Spain to hold whole cycle Organic Certification.

Our Corvina’s Feeding

Corvina’s feeding is based only on natural feed, free from meat meal, porcine by-products and free from genetically modified materials (OGM).

A superb quality feed made from an exclusive Andromeda Group formulation supported by our long career and experience in this matter.

Because of such meticulous and strict feeding, Corvina REX Frescamar holds Halal Food & Quality Certification which guarantees the products quality under Islamic dietetic law requirements and food safety.

Certifications and Recognitions

certificaciones y reconocimientos

Under this section we gather all certificates, guarantee seals or awards conferred to Andromeda Group, Frescamar Alimentación and their products.

NOTE: some of them have already been mentioned under their corresponding division.

  • Andromeda Groupholds GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, the most important international regulation in terms of agricultural fair practice which includes the whole production process, from fingerlings and subsequent activities until the moment in which the product is retrieved form the facilities.
  • Additionally, the Group holds ISO 9001 certification, which guarantee food Quality.
  • Within this field, the company has recently certified its aquaculture fish processing and packaging activities under the International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards. The most worldwide appreciated quality and food safety certifications.
  • On the other hand, all processes of the group’s companies follow the procedures of ISO 14001. An internationally recognized standard for environmental management that certifies the good use of natural resources and optimal handling and disposal of waste, among others.
  • Its commitment to the preservation of the marine habitat led the Group to obtain the Friend of the Sea international certification in 2015.
  • Recently and after the Group’s collaboration with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for the development of this rigorous standard in the field of Mediterranean species, Corvina REX has become the first of its kind to obtain this certification in Spain.
  • Regarding its ecological range, which includes Seabream and Seabass under the brand “Frescamar Bio”, it is noteworthy that Andromeda Group is the only producer in Spain to hold whole cycle Organic Certification.
  • Corvina REX Frescamar, moreover, in the only European Corvina to hold Halal Food & Quality Certification which guarantees that the product fully meets Islamic dietetic law requirements.
  • Continuing Frescamar Alimentación products, its Seabream,Seabass and Corvina have the seal Crianza de Nuestros Mares. A seal that, through a tag placed on the gill, guarantees its Spanish coasts origin.
  • As a result of the Group’s efforts to provide the highest quality, Corvina REX Frescamar has been the only fresh fish product to receive the Superior Taste Award 2016 (granted by the International Taste & Quality Institute).
    Based on organoleptic parameters such as aroma, texture or flavor, its corvina fillet has obtained the highest rating: three stars that recognize the product as “Exceptional”.
  • Frescamar Alimentación was conferred the Alimentos de España 2016 award(Spanish Food Awards 2016) in the Fishing and Aquaculture Production category.
    An award granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment which a knowledges the company’s background and rewards its business trajectory, its socioeconomic relevanceand the innovative nature of the corporation as well as its contribution to the promotion and improvement of aquaculture products’ image and their position in the market.
  • Corvina REX has also received the Award Saveur de l’Année 2018. A new recognition to its flavor, aroma and texture thanks to the only food sector quality certification based exclusively on tasting qualities of tested products, tried and approved by consumers themselves.


The Group’s Research, Development and Innovation department aims the continuous improvement of fish quality and its organoleptic characteristics.

To this end, it actively participates in international programs with major universities and research centers, with special attention to food security:

Fishboost: European project focused on breeding and management of breeding stock

ParaFishControl: project team to improve knowledge and control of parasitic diseases in aquaculture

AquaSmart: association of companies and research centers for the development of computer tools to improve the performance of aquaculture facilities

Seriola Project: a project focused on researching the optimum conditions for the breeding of Seriola dumerili (Yellowtail) on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and elaboration of procedures and manuals for feeding and breeding

ARRAINA: dedicated to studying long-term effects of diets used in aquaculture

TargetFish: European project meant to improve knowledge of the immune system and the development of vaccines especially for viral agents

Group Andromeda’s strong commitment to R & D + I guarantee the optimization and development of all processes and allows it to respond to the many challenges that are to come.

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