Pedalling by Sierra de Espadán with the impulse of Corvina REX

Pedalling by Sierra de Espadán with the impulse of Corvina REX

Ciclistas empanada Corvina REX

Once again, Corvina REX has accompanied the most intrepid cyclists in a sports event that runs through various municipalities in the Castellón regions of Alto Palancia and Alto Mijares: the Trans Espadán.

And among the food with which the participants replenished forces during the two intense stages that made up the journey, were a tasty pie of Corvina REX, and some vegetables.

The recipe, prepared by chef Kike Peris, has already become a classic of the mountain cycling events organized by Geo Planet, a company specializing in sport events with which Frescamar Alimentación and its main brand, Corvina REX, have collaborated for two years.

In addition to the supply stations of Jérica and Torralba del Pinar and the first-stage supply facilities, Corvina REX has played the main role in the dinner that the organization held in Randurías, the restaurant that Kike Peris runs in Jérica (Castellón).

On the other hand, the brand has been present on the sleeve that has been delivered to all the participants.

Attractive test among rivers and mountains

In its third edition, the Trans Espadán has had participants from more than ten Spanish provinces as well as three foreign countries.

The attraction of its route, by rivers and mountains, in the impressive setting that Sierra de Espadán offers, is a must for lovers of mountain biking.

The test is divided into two stages making a total of 150 kilometers and 4.500 meters of accumulated altitude with start and finish in Montanejos, in the province of Castellón.

This year, the absolute male and female winners have been Daniel Soriano and Monica Casallas, respectively. Congratulations!!

The next MTB test will be held in May 2019 and will be the third edition of Mitic Bike, which has been supported by Corvina REX since its inception.

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