“Papillote” the technique to obtain the maximum juice to Corvina REX

“Papillote” the technique to obtain the maximum juice to Corvina REX

corvina al papillote“Papillote” is a culinary technique full of advantages that is perfect to prepare delicious recipes with Corvina REX as main the ingredient.

From the point of view of practicality, it´s a very comfortable and clean system that avoids using many containers, as well as cleaning them, and that does not imply fumes and or fats.

It can be made with baking paper or kitchen foil, It´s about making little packets very well sealed from the edge and with a certain space inside them in order to have space for the steam with which the food will be cooked.

Oven used is recommended but microwave and even frying pan also can be used for cooking. The important thing is that when you use Corvina REX you do it with boneless fillets. Depending on the fillets thickness the cooking time could vary between 5 and 10 minutes.

“Papillote” is besides the practical, also healthy since the food either it was fish, meat or vegetable, it is cooked in its own juice.

That way, it´s healthier to avoid fried or another fat and caloric preparations, and the most important thing is that all nutrients are preserved.

And if our main ingredient is a also a lean, low-salt fish like Corvina REX, the healthy conditions of our recipe increase exponentially.

Enhancer of aroma and taste

Among the infinity advantages of the “Papillote” is the fact that with this cooking technique is also able to enhance the aroma and taste of food.

It also makes the ingredients even more tender and easier to digest.

What to side dish with Corvina REX in this “Papillote”?

LThe technique allows vegetables even fruits that, chopped on Corvina REX will give you juiciness and taste.

Since we have entered in the spring season and it´s good time to consume broad beans (in this season it is carried out its collection), the proposed recipe to cook in “Papillote” our Corvina REX includes them as side-dish, as well as an original black garlic puree.

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