Original CV rewards the loyalty of its clientele with a tasting pairing of REX & VITTORE

Original CV rewards the loyalty of its clientele with a tasting pairing of REX & VITTORE

Corvina REX & Vittore en Original CV

The perfect pairing between the white vermouth of VITTORE and the ceviche of Corvina REX keeps captivating those who try it.

In this occasion, Original CV worked as a host inviting a selection of its wide clientele to taste and thus rewarding their loyalty.

The event was held in the last of the stores inaugurated by the firm, located in the Ensanche area of Valencia.

This third store of Original CV has a winery with more than two hundred references of Valencian wines and has become a gastronomic space of reference.

The tasting pairing of REX & VITTORE was a delight for the mind and palate, since the personal from Frescamar Alimentación & Bodegas Valsangiacomo gave a talk about the origins and philosophy of both companies, as well as the particularities and properties of both products.

Attendees, regular customers of the tastings organized by the house, were welcomed with a Vittore Vermouth Rosso, later taste the Vittore Vermouth Bianco as part of the pairing with the ceviche made at the time with Corvina REX.

A white fish – soft meat and delicate flavor – and a white vermouth – aromatic and balanced – offer a perfect combination as a cold snack.

To say goodbye to the act, two lots were raffled starring VITTORE vermouths and a complete kit with all the ingredients to make ceviche at home like a real chef.

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