Meagre Belly with boletus pil-pil sauce - Corvina Rex Frescamar
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Meagre Belly with boletus pil-pil sauce

Ventresca de Corvina REX con pil pil de boletus

For 4 servings

4 CORVINA REX FRESCAMAR bellies of 150-200 g/each

200 g of cooked beet

150 g of spring onions

Oil, salt, pepper and chervil (or parsley)

Pea sprouts to decorate

For the pil-pil sauce 

200 g of boletus plunged into

400 ml of mild olive oil

Estimated time: 35 min

Put a casserole with oil on heat until it is tempered.

Cut the boletus in half and once the oil is tempered, add and confit (low temperature 60º-80º) stirring with to bind the pil-pil.

Add a pinch of salt and once the pil-pil is blinded set aside.

Chop the spring onions and beet and poach them Add salt, pepper and the chervil.

Fry the Corvina REX bellies for 3 minutes previously seasoned and add the pil-pil at the end of the cooking.

Serve it on a bed of onions and beets and decorate with the Pea sprout.

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