Marinated Corvina REX

Marinated Corvina REX

corvina REX en adoboCorvina is a white fish with endless possibilities in the kitchen as proven by the wide variety of recipes offered on our website.

On this occasion, our proposal is to cook it marinated, a typical recipe from the Andalusian gastronomy.

Marinating implies the immersion of the food into a condiment made of several ingredients of intense flavor which macerate it.

Our seasoning counts, among others, with soy sauce, apple cider and sherry vinegars, oregano, paprika and garlic.

When using fish (marinating is also used in meat recipes) it is recommended that it has a firm texture. That is why corvina is the perfect choice for this type of recipe.

For the breading, our Chef chose a type of flaky Japanese breadcrumbs called “panko” that give crunchier results than traditional breading.

On the following link, you will find all the ingredients and directions to prepare this marinated Corvina Rex, a remake of the traditional Andalusian fry-up which is perfect to share as an appetizer:

Marinated Corvina REX recipe

Please remember you have a tab (located on the right) which provides you this recipe’s video so you do not miss a single detail of its preparation.


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