Mrinated Corvina Rex. Fish recipes.
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Marinated Corvina

1/2 kg of skinless fillets of CORVINA REX FRESCAMAR

300 g of coarse salt

For the marinade

50 ml of soy sauce

50 ml of sherry vinegar

50 ml of apple cider vinegar

150 ml of fish fumet

1 tablespoon of oregano

1 tablespoon of paprika

1 tablespoon of flake salt (we recommend paprika salt)

1 clove of garlic

For the breading

1 whisked egg

100 g of panko (Japanese flaky breadcrumb)

Mild olive oil

Mayonnaise on the side

Salt the Corvina (with coarse salt) for about 8 min. and then, very carefully, remove the salt.

Smash the garlic and prepare a paste with oregano, paprika and salt flakes.

Then toss the liquids: both vinegars, soy sauce and fish fumet.

Introduce the Corvina (cut in wide strips) and all the ingredients is a food plastic bag and let it stand for about two hours.

After that time, dip the Corvina in whisked egg and panko. Then fry.

Set the pieces in a paper towel lined plate to drain and serve with mayonnaise on the side.

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