Interview with Dani Milián, Corvina REX’s sponsored athlete

Interview with Dani Milián, Corvina REX’s sponsored athlete

Dani Milian con Corvina REXAt the age of 29, Dani Milián holds an enviable track record in mountain biking world and Corvina REX accompanies him on his pedaling through the most important trials of the Valencian Community as well as other points of the Spanish geography.

From a very young age you stood out for your ability to play sports. In which discipline did you take your first steps?

At the age of four I was already competing and I did it in roller hockey. Those beginnings were marked by a certain family tradition since my father, my uncles and cousins ​​practiced it professionally.

Then you discovered your true passion … When did you get in contact with the world of cycling?

It was when I was twelve. My first experience was with Trial bike and at sixteen I moved to Mountain bike where I started to excel and reach podiums at twenty.

I was runner-up of the Triathlon of Aragon in 2009 (Sub 23 category) but my first great achievement in MTB was to win the title of Champion of Aragon in 2013.

What did you feel when you realized that what started as a hobby was taking on a greater dimension?

The truth is that my motivation was, and remains, the mere enjoyment. I compete because I enjoy practicing this sport more than for the triumph itself.

However, each success is logically a great stimulus and, on the other hand, the good results provide you with the necessary attractiveness for the sponsors who are of great help to be able to count on the best material and equipment as well as with financial support.

In 2014 I signed for an international brand, Scott, with whom I was two years, and I am currently with Mesbike Almazora and Superior Bikes. In addition, I have the support of Corvina REX Frescamar and other brands such as Nutrinovex (food supplements for athletes), Flower (cycling jerseys), Rothar (cycling wheels) and Gestibien (business consultancy agency).

I am proud to wear their brands in my jersey and travel together every kilometer.

How did you find out about Corvina REX?

It was one of the brands that supported the first edition of “Mitic Bike”, a legendary trek that debuted as a sports event, becoming its sponsor.

In addition to its financial contribution, REX supported this sporting event as a technical sponsor by providing product for the main refreshment stations. Something that I experienced firsthand because I participated in the expedition and I was able to taste the delicious recipes prepared by Kike Peris, the event’s official chef.

On our way through El Toro (Castellón), during the second stage, they offered us a black truffle Corvina REX pasty and when we arrived at the finish line, we refilled energy with a marinated Corvina REX pasta salad.

That was, for sure, a mutual “crush” … Besides, you were the winner of such trial, right?

You are right! I was the winner of the three stages that formed the crossing and that connected the city of Valencia with the peak of Javalambre, located in the province of Teruel, my birthplace.

I won the medal of absolute winner in the first edition of this mythical race that passes through my homeland and I also met Corvina REX so, it was a double win.

It was a race that covered 320 kilometers with a slope of 6,000 meters and you reached the finish line with a difference of about 40 minutes with respect to the second participant… Really amazing figures! But what have been your most recent achievements?

During 2018 I participated, among others, in the “Mediterranean Epic” (an international competition) being first in the General and first also in the Master 30 category.

The Open of Spain of Ultramaratón and the Aragon Championship have also been important trails in which I was second of Aragon and second of Spain in my category.

On the other hand, this has been my fourth year participating in the “Mediterranean Extreme”, which brings together leading professional cyclists from all over Spain, and for me it has been very gratifying to see that I have significantly improved by reaching finish line among first positions, specifically I was third in the General.

The most recent challenges have been the Championship of Aragon, in which I finished as runner-up, and the Castellón Marching Open, composed by five races with short and long marches in which, despite the fact that we still have to dispute the last one, I already have assured my leadership in both, the General category and my own, obtaining the leader’s maillot in the Master 30 category.

Without a doubt this has been a very satisfying season because I have widely fulfilled all my goals.

Congratulations!! Now, can you tell us your recipe for success?

The key to this sport (and I understand that for most of them) is to be very disciplined. I plan my week and try to accomplish all my goals.

Of course, even though I love biking, sometimes I’m too lazy to train, but that’s where my strength of will comes in.

And now, would you share your recipe to prepare Corvina REX?

I like it in all different elaborations: in ceviche or grilled during the summer, in soups or stews for the winter months … but really my favorite recipe is grilled Corvina REX grilled or baked with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. A light but very tasty dish.

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