Interview with Bárbara Amorós, Frescamar chef and gastronomic stylist

Interview with Bárbara Amorós, Frescamar chef and gastronomic stylist

Barbara Amoros chef y estilista Corvina REX Top ChefBárbara has studied in the prestigious Parisian school Le Cordon Bleu. She has traveled around the world learning the best of each gastronomic culture. A knowledge that reflects day by day in her dishes her culinary styles and also as a teacher.

Your participation in the first edition of Antena 3 talent show “Top Chef” (hosted by Alberto Chicote) allowed the general public to know
you… but how is Barbara Amorós really?

I think that positivity is one of my biggest characteristics and the fact to be happy and make the people happy through my culinary creations had marked since I was a child my experience in life and as a professional.

I ‘am creative and I love learning new things, both from colleagues and during my travels: discovering new flavors, techniques to obtain others textures… And first of all, I’am passionate about cooking and I really enjoy it with my work.

What are your first childhood memories linked to cooking?

Both my father’s dishes (Manchego gazpachos and game stews in general) and my grandmother’s rice (especially baked rice) marked me and aroused in me that admiration for good cooking.

My great illusion was after school to get home and exchange school books for recipes and, with only 14 years old, I started going to a well-known bakery in Valencia on Saturday mornings, whose owner was a friend of my family, in order to learn confectionary.

And who was going to tell that girl that she would be the one who, years later, would sign one of those recipe books…

That’s right, a few years ago I published “Bárbara Te Cocina” (Bárbara cooks for you), a book in which I wanted to collect some of those recipes that have been marking me since childhood.

In its pages appears the baked rice that I cooked for my grandmother, recipes that I have learned to elaborate on my trips, dishes influenced by my student stage in Paris, etc.

Thus, many of the recipes include a brief explanation of the origin of the dish and what it represents for me.

The market cuisine is the common thread and the Central Market of Valencia, my city, the source of the excellent products that give life to the dishes.

Among the most recognized chefs, which do you feel the most admiration for?

The Valencian Ricard Camarena and Vicente Patiño are great references for me as are Arzak or Andoni (Mugaritz) and, outside our borders, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire.

You have traveled a lot and have known different gastronomic cultures, but what cuisine has impacted you the most?

In Paris, my time at Le Cordon Bleu and, later, at Le Cercle de l’Union Interalliée and also my stage at the Saboy Hotel in London or at the One Nine Hall in New York have definitely defined my style and, even today, influence on my kitchen.

On the other hand, I have traveled Indonesia, Venezuela and Colombia, among others, and these trips have made me passionate about Asian and Latin cuisine.

I like to adapt the different culinary traditions to the current cuisine.

Where and how do you project all that culinary passion and creativity?

I have my own catering -Bárbara Te Cocina (Bárbara cooks for you)-, I have been a manager for more than twenty years of Sala One Nine in New York and I advise other restaurants that are inaugurated or that want to turn their menu around.

On the other hand, I work as a private chef for different companies such as Finca La Naba or The Chef Ibiza and offer home economist services to companies in the food and distribution sector such as the Valencian Frescamar and Consum or Metro in Germany.

In addition, I collaborate by teaching some courses with the Telva Cooking School in Madrid where I worked as a teacher for four years.

What recipe of Corvina REX do you preferred?

In stew (type stew or all i pebre) I think that Corvina REX provides a perfect texture because its firm meat support that type of cooking very well while it is a fish that gives an incredible flavor to the dish.

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