Hospitality students from Italy together with GASMA visit the Frescamar plant

Hospitality students from Italy together with GASMA visit the Frescamar plant

Estudiantes GASMA visitan FRESCAMAR

About twenty hospitality students from the Costaggini school in Rieti (Italy) have visited the Frescamar facilities to learn the whole process around the company’s main product: Corvina REX.

The group of students is part of a European exchange program with GASMA university campus, with which Frescamar has a collaboration agreement since the end of 2016.

Frescamar staff has guided future chefs through the company’s facilities while offering a description of each part of the of the process at the processing plant, once it arrives after fishing, until it is dispatched.

Likewise, the professionals of the company have responded to the questions made by the students, who have shown great interest in the characteristics of this traditional Mediterranean species recovered through aquaculture.

Special attention has been given to the variety of formats in which Corvina REX is marketed and processed: whole, gutted, fillets, portions, etc.

An enriching experience for some students that there is no doubt that they will make delicious elaborations with Corvina REX and will know how to take advantage of its great versatility.

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