GASMA proposes new gastronomic preparations based on Corvina REX

GASMA proposes new gastronomic preparations based on Corvina REX

Alumnos Grado de Gastronomia y Management Culinario GASMA

The third-year students of GASMA’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management have pleasantly surprised with their response to the challenge posed by Frescamar for its flagship product: Corvina REX.

In a ceremony held at the campus facilities, the student team presented its original proposals to the marketing managers of the company.

The challenge posed by Frescamar at the beginning of this interesting experience was to strengthen the sustainability of the company by providing added value to those pieces of the corvina REX that currently have less output.

Demi-glace of Corvina REX powder and other daring proposals

His suggestions were as interesting as they were tasty, because after the presentation there was a tasting of the exposed references.

Collagen, Fresh Cocochas, Scales, Corvina Chips, Garrete or Demi-glace of Corvina powder that surprised by its originality and wise choice.

Andrés Salas, Camila Cepeda, Sonia Valero, César Loza, Giulia Pironti and Amelia Giménez passionately defended these prototypes that the company will study in order to consider its feasibility.

The members of Frescamar who attended the presentation, as well as the rest of the public -in which the teaching team was represented- applauded the good job and the quality of the preparations.

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