GASMA master students get inspired with Corvina REX

GASMA master students get inspired with Corvina REX

GASMA visita origen Corvina REXStart a new edition of the prestigious Master of Gastronomy and Culinary Management offered by the GASMA campus and Corvina REX becomes the first source of inspiration for its students.

A dozen students have visited the marine farms and the processing plant of Frescamar, the aquaculture company responsible for Corvina REX, where they have received a detailed explanation of all the stages through which the fish passes until it reaches the kitchens.

An apprenticeship that has aroused great interest among the students and that has been completed, already back to the campus, with a practical class on the species where it has been shown how to scale it and its cutting for a better use of the piece.

After a raw tasting -which has revealed the culinary versatility of Corvina REX-, students have been asked to individually develop a dish based on this ingredient.

As a requirement, and linking the practice with another interesting class received by the students before, the elaborations had to contain a pickle.

The coordinator of the Master, Luis Silva, has stated that he is pleasantly surprised with the creativity shown and highlighted the positive aspects of the visit to the origin of the product and how inspiring it has been for the students.

Among the resulting recipes we have seen original techniques such as a marinade based on red cabbage that offered an original purple color.

Latin American ceviches and their citrus touches have also taken a leading place in the classroom.
Silva has also highlighted how enriching it is to have different nationalities among the students of the Master: Taiwan, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador…

Without a doubt, a very promising group that can bring a lot of creativity and passion to the world of gastronomy.

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