Frescamar farming centers become Important biodiversity nuclei

Frescamar farming centers become Important biodiversity nuclei

Pinna nobilis bivalvo endemico mediterraneoThe ropes used in the farming centers that Frescamar has in the province of Alicante have turned out to be the ideal habitat for the implantation of several sessile species and the last finding in this sense has meant an unprecedented environmental milestone.

The technicians working at the company’s facilities in Alicante detected the presence of thousands of larvae that, after being studied by the Marine Environment and Marine Science Research Institute of Universidad Católica de Valencia (IMEDMAR-UCV), have been found to belong to the genus Pinna sp.

About three hundred of these larvae are Pinna nobilis, a critically endangered species on our coasts, and the rest have been identified as Pinna rudis, a protected species as well.

A Mediterranean endemic bivalve

Pinna nobilis represents one of the largest bivalves in the world since it exceeds one meter of shell length and is an endemic species of the Mediterranean that usually appears partially buried in the seabed and in a vertical position.

Popularly known as “nacra”, it was commonly found in the Posidonia meadows of our coasts until a few years ago.

Unfortunately, today it is on the verge of extinction and that is why the rescue of juveniles has been carried out thoroughly. An arduous task for which Frescamar has collaborated closely with IMEDMAR-UCV.

The recovery of the species would be an important environmental achievement given that “nacra” plays an important role in marine ecosystems.

Numerous organisms stock on its shell, giving support to various species of invertebrates and algae, and on the other hand it is a water filter that helps improving its quality and maintaining its transparency.

Frescamar is substituting the ropes of the rest of the farms for the same braided ropes in which the first larvae of nacra were implanted in order to support the fixation of new specimens and the repopulation of this valuable species.

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