Everything ready for a new Mitic Bike edition

Everything ready for a new Mitic Bike edition

Foto de Grupo II Mitic BikeThe celebration of the third edition of the Mitic Bike is approaching and, for this reason, Geo-Planet, organizer of the sport event, has offered a press conference in which all details of this trek have been unveiled.

Apolo Esperanza, sports director, has presented the three stages integrated in the tour, the program, this edition’s novelties, as well as the sponsors that make it possible.

Among them, Frescamar Alimentación which supports this fabulous competition of mountain biking, with its star product Corvina REX.

Eduardo Soler, Quality Manager of the aquaculture company, has attended the event as well as other representatives of the different firms that lend their support to the Mitic Bike.

Apolo Esperanza expressed his gratitude to Frescamar, València Turisme, Hyundai Koryo Car, Magna Salud Clinic, El Corte Inglés, Municipal Sports Foundation of Valencia, FisioKarmar, Kross España, Isostar and Bike Shore, among others, their invaluable support.

The director of the race has also thanked the city halls of the municipalities involved: Valencia, Alboraya, Bétera, Moncada, La Pobla de Vallbona, Olocau, Marines, Alcublas, El Toro and a long etcetera since the Mitic Bike consists of three intense stages in which almost 300 kilometers of the Valencian and Teruel geography are crossed.

The official jersey of the race was also launched at the event, which includes, among others, the Corvina REX logo as sponsor of this intense mountain bike crossing.

The informative meeting took place at “El club de les Comarques”, located in “Marina de Valencia”, very close to the Patacona Beach, where the finish line will be placed next Sunday May 12th to receive the brave participants who conclude the race.

A representation of Mitic Bike visits Frescamar facilities

A couple of weeks before the informative meeting, the manager of Geo-Planet, Apolo Esperanza, together with a representation of Mitic Bike, came to know Frescamar Alimentación facilities in Burriana (Castellón).

Thus, together with Apolo, the cyclists Luz Cabanes and Raúl Polo, and the head of another of the firms sponsoring the trial – FisioKarmar – Carlos Gómez, toured the plant, recently expanded, and learned all the details of the fishing and processing of Corvina REX.

The visit finished with a meal in which they could taste this delicious white fish by the hand of Kike Peris, Mitic Bike’s official chef and an expert in Corvina REX.

In his restaurant Randurías, located in Jérica (Castellón), the group was offered a tasting menu in which Corvina REX and the black truffle were the leading ingredients.

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