Recetas de corvina -Tartar de Corvina Rex Frescamar
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Corvina Tartare (4 servings)

For 4 servings

800 g of skinless loins of CORVINA REX FRESCAMAR

1 big purple onion

200 g of beet

Wasabi sesame

One lime or lemon zest

Wakame algae and/or Irish moss (optional)

Salt, pepper and chives

For the dressing

100 ml of soy sauce

200 ml of sesame oil

100 ml of rice vinegar

Estimated time: 20 min

Place a bowl into a bigger one filled with ice to mix the ingredients. First of all add the previously chopped onion, beet and chives.

Add small dices of Corvina, mix all the ingredients carefully and pour the sesame oil the soy sauce and the rice vinegar and season.

Sprinkle with wasabi sesame and lemon zest, add the algae (optional) and serve.

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