Corvina REX, a fish of legend

Corvina REX, a fish of legend

Otolito Corvina REXThe corvina (Argyrosomus regius) is much more than a marine species whose flesh has a unique texture and flavor capable of captivate the most demanding palates.

This white fish, traditional of the Mediterranean and recovered by Frescamar through the aquaculture, hides a legend unknown for many.

Therefore, Corvina REX, in addition to providing all its benefits at the gastronomic level, has also wanted to convey to the consumer the curious story around it …

In the corvina’s auditory cavity there is a small marble-looking stone called “otolith” that allows the fish to orient itself and maintain balance.

This mineral particle, composed of calcium carbonate, was considered at the time of King Arthur a real treasure that the magician Merlin himself gave to the monarch.

It was said that it was a magic stone capable of altering its color if the king did not act in an exemplary way. The stone maintained its white color throughout the kingdom thus confirming the goodness and good work of the king.

Affirms the fantastic story that this small limestone structure is today among the jewels of the former British Crown.

Currently, the legend of the otolith is still alive and is considered an amulet capable of attracting health -thanks to its healing properties-, fortune and success.

There are many who keep a copy in their pocket or have set the stone in gold or silver to make rings and pendants.

It is one of the oldest amulets that are known as otoliths have appeared in deposits thirty centuries ago.

Thus, for those who believe in legends, Corvina REX not only offers endless delicious culinary preparations but also has a small treasure inside.

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