Corvina Ravioli Mediterranean way - Corvina Rex Frescamar
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Corvina Ravioli Mediterranean way

Corvina Ravioli Mediterranean way

Ravioli de Corvina a la Mediterranea

For 4 servings

200 g of skinless and boneless Corvina Rex loins

1 pack of wonton pastry dough

200 ml of béchamel sauce

Salt and pepper

For the sauce

400 g of ground tomatoes

10 cherry tomatoes

1 small onion

2 garlic cloves

100 g of capers

100 g of black pitted olives

Rosemary and/or parsley

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Estimated time: 35 min

Cut Corvina REX in small dices and fill the previously moistened pastry sheets with béchamel sauce and Corvina Rex dices.

Season and cover the mix with a new pastry sheet and seal each ravioli.

Slightly cook in a pan the previously sliced garlic and chopped onion. After a few minutes add the previously cut cherry tomatoes and the tomato purée.

Slow cook for 20 minutes while slicing the olives and capers, which will be added to the mix.

Add the chopped rosemary and parsley and season.

Finally toss in the ravioli and slow cook all together for about 4 – 5 additional min, adding some water if needed.

Serve and decorate with aromatic herbs.

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