Corvina mini Burgers - Corvina Rex Frescamar
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Corvina mini Burgers

hamburguesas de corvina REX

For 2/4 servings

500 g of skinless fillets of CORVINA REX FRESCAMAR

80 g of leek

80 g of spring onion

1 egg

100 g of assorted green leaves 2 tomatoes

4 burger buns


Mild olive oil

Parsley, salt and pepper

Estimated time: 35 min

Chop the Corvina Fillets into small chunks and blend them with salt and pepper.

Sauté the previously chopped leek and onion and season.

Take the Corvina into a bowl and mix it with the sautéed leek and onion, the chopped boiled egg and a pinch of chopped parsley.

Shape the mix into burgers and slow cook them (grilled or fried) for about 4 min per side (depending on thickness).

Open the buns, spread some mayonnaise, and fill them up with some tomato slices, green leaves and the Corvina burgers.

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