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Granjas marinas Frescamar alimentacion Comunidad ValencianaIn 2008, Andromeda Seafood aquaculture group, whose origin is stablished in a Greek company founded in 1998 under the same name, began its “Mediterranean Project” and acquired, among others, the Spanish company Frescamar Alimentación.

Its main roll was commercializing of the Group for the west zone of Europe although, then, it started to process, commercializes even transport and distribute fish.

New acquisitions in Greece and Spain, taking into account their strategic position, are outlining an industrial group with activity throughout Europe, highly qualified personnel and export capacity worldwide whose challenge is to bring the freshest fish in the Mediterranean.

Thus, minimizing the times between harvesting, product reception and processing (thanks to the synergies between its subsidiaries) and carrying out daily fishing, Andromeda Seafood Group serves the main European markets in 24/48 hours, rigorously attending to the needs of each customer in terms of volume and size.

Andromeda Team

equipo AndromedaAndromeda Seafood Group currently employs more than 600 people, most of them with extensive experience in the aquaculture industry. Approximately half of its staff belongs to the Iberian companies of the Group.

All the integrated companies agree in considering their human team the most precious asset since they are people passionate about their work and committed to a common goal: to generate aquaculture products of high nutritional value, with high standards of quality, sustainability and innovation, that respond to the needs of both customers and consumers.


The Group has four fingerling hatcheries, two located in Spain and two in Greece, and has a total of eight open sea farming centers spread between the two countries.

Hellenic marine farms are located in Vonitsa, Astakos, Igoumenitsa and Serifos, while in Spain they are located in the waters of Alicante, with a farming center in Calpe and another in Villajoyosa, and on the coast of Castellón, with two in Burriana-Nules.

Likewise, Andromeda Seafood Group has two packaging units in Greece, located in Vonitsa and Igoumenitsa, and a processing and packaging unit in Spain, located in Burriana. Three plants that, in sum, represent an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of fish.

The Group’s offices are also spread between these two countries.

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